Palo Santo Sticks (4)


Palo Santo Smudging Sticks (4 units) —

Known as atisamânihk in Cree language and nookwez in Ojibwe language, smudging is a cultural ceremony originating from various Indigenous Peoples across North America and elsewhere in the world. Used for practical and medicinal purposes as well as for spiritual ceremonies, this purification by smoke rite consists of burning sacred plants in small quantities in order to cleanse the energy inside and around you.

Depending on the herb you select, you can introduce a specific type of energy into your ritual. For instance, Palo Santo is believed to bring positivity into your life.

Regardless of your chosen medium, it is important to honour the plants by sourcing sustainably and ethically grown herbs. Our Palo Santo Smudging Sticks certainly are, and they are dried and assembled by hand in the south of California. Each stick is 4 inches long and varying width.

The bundles of 4 sticks are accompanied by a charm with the inscription “New Beginnings” to help direct your intentions.