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Reed Diffuser - Fir, Vanilla Amber & Tobacco


An invitation to anchor yourself and dive into your depths. With its musky notes and its scent of fir, this fragrance is a long walk in nature. Notes of vanilla amber balances its heat with a sweet sensuality. Light it up to heighten your meditation practice.

Complete set: (1) Reed Diffuser 105ml. + (6) sticks


Remove the cap from the bottle (there may be a small white residue due to heat during transport - the quality of the product will not be affected), simply wipe off the residue with a paper towel and insert the six (6) sticks (one at a time) into the container to soak up the fragrance. Place in a small or medium room.

For best results, invert the sticks upside down once a week.

Replace reed sticks once a month as needed.