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Selv Rituel

Botanical Bath and Body Oil

Botanical Bath and Body Oil

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The experience  

Luv: Imagine a bath with you adorned with peaches. The rich smell of peaches is fulfilling with its tasty blend of sweet and fresh.

Sun: The sand slides between your toes. You are in the shade of the palm tree, rocked by the whispering waves. It's sweet, it's good. Coconut, lemon and lavender. 

You touch your dream. Close your eyes under the strong rays of the sun. Breathe in the fiery wind that rocks you. The warmth rises inside you, you feel good. It is said that sandalwood is an aphrodisiac, so this oil too... Grapefruit and sandalwood. 

Mand: An immersion in well-being, like something rare. I live day by day. I breathe out deeply. MAND means MAN in Danish. This oil is made for the man who likes to stand out, who wants to smell citrus, sandalwood and fresh herbs at the same time. A few drops here and there ... or in his bath! Orange, sandalwood, sage and eucalypt

Natural and vegan

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