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Lauge Console Table - Dune Ash

Lauge Console Table - Dune Ash

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Discover the allure of Danish-inspired design, which exudes an appreciation for simplicity and refined aesthetics. Our exquisite furniture piece is meticulously crafted from solid ash, creating a sturdy and timeless foundation. With the inclusion of dual drawers, you not only enjoy a practical storage solution but also elevate the overall functionality of this stunning piece.

Additionally, the open shelving features woven paper cord, adding a touch of sophistication to your decor. This versatile element not only enhances the aesthetics but also provides an array of storage and display options. Whether you're looking to showcase your favorite decor items or keep everyday essentials within easy reach, this Danish-inspired design effortlessly blends form and function.

Bring home the essence of Danish design with our exceptional furniture piece, combining the beauty of solid ash, the practicality of dual drawers, and the sophistication of woven paper cord shelving. Elevate your living space with this exquisite piece that embodies the essence of refined craftsmanship and versatile storage.

DIMENSIONS: 55.00"w x 15.75"d x 30.00"h

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