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Oak Wood Custom Chair

Oak Wood Custom Chair

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Discover our exquisite custom chairs expertly crafted in the heart of Montreal by a skilled local furniture artisan, exclusively tailored for this remarkable project. Their exceptional quality and design so captivated us that we decided to create two more. Each chair boasts a sturdy frame, meticulously constructed from solid oak and finished with a beautiful natural stain that accentuates the wood's innate elegance.

To ensure resilience and style, we've upholstered these masterpieces with Perennials fabric, a high-performance outdoor textile ideally suited for enduring high-traffic environments. Whether adorning your dining room as distinguished captain chairs or gracing your living space as eye-catching accent pieces, these chairs exude timeless charm and an undeniably striking presence, thanks to their unique and graceful form.

Only 2 available.

$2000 each or $3600 for the pair

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