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Currey & Co. Tulee Accent Table

Currey & Co. Tulee Accent Table

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Explore the exquisite Tulee Accent Table, a striking piece that ingeniously replicates the charming silhouette of an inverted wine glass. Crafted from durable cast aluminum and adorned with a tasteful antique black finish, this remarkable brown drinks table is a remarkable addition to any interior decor.

One of the standout features of the Tulee Accent Table is its meticulously designed circular top. This top is not just an ordinary surface but a testament to the attention to detail in its creation. Its surface has been elegantly striated, meticulously crafted to capture and refract light, resulting in a mesmerizing play of glints when sunlight or ambient lighting gently caresses its surface.

Dimensions: 12"dia x 22"h

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