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Vintage Turkish Runner - 2'8" x 8'7"

Vintage Turkish Runner - 2'8" x 8'7"

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Our exclusive collection of vintage Turkish rugs has been meticulously hand-curated by our expert designers. These exceptional rugs are genuine pieces of history, with some of them boasting an impressive age of over a century, showcasing the rich tapestry of their past. Much like aged artifacts, Turkish runners exude an undeniable sense of character, soul, and an enchanting story waiting to be unraveled.

These exquisite rugs were once lovingly hand-woven by skilled Turkish artisans, and their journey may have seen them travel through generations of households. Each piece in our collection is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, guaranteeing you a distinctive and unique addition to your home decor. You can anticipate charming irregular shapes, captivatingly distorted colors, and subtle signs of wear that bear witness to their remarkable journey throughout the years.

It's in these very imperfections that their true beauty lies, making them the perfect choice for inclusion in our exclusive Wabi-Sabi collection. Embrace the allure of history, the charm of imperfection, and the unmatched elegance of our vintage Turkish runners. These timeless treasures are more than just rugs; they are the embodiment of enduring artistry and heritage. Explore our collection today to bring a touch of authenticity and soul to your living space.

Dimensions: approx.  2'-8" x 8'-7"

Wabi Sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfections. At Hibou Design & Co. we've always believed that even the most contemporary projects never really feel like home until we incorporate accents that bring a sense of history to the space. This is why we travel to the corners of our province to source authentic antiques and curate imported goods that are hand-made, one-of-a kind originals. A lot of these pieces are made by artisans using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. Each piece from our Wabi-Sabi Collection is unique and has a story.

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